čtvrtek 5. února 2015

200? Ailao and 1998 8582 Red Mark comissioned

200? Ailao
This is one of the teas that TwoDog has sent me the ones I've actually ordered. Unlike most other ones, I find this fairly nice. Maybe it's the prior (Ailao) which made me expect something band, smoky, and aggressive. The first impression from the aroma was just that - smoky and aggressive. Fortunately, after that, things did improve. The cigarette-style smoke is more clear in aroma than it is in taste and the taste itself is ok - light, fruity (sort of similar to Chawangpu's purple Baoshan cake), somewhat bitter and astringent. There is not that much going on otherwise though, which is what I suspect to be one of reasons why this tea did not make it among the teas sold by Paul.

1998 8582 Red Mark comissioned
It is slightly unfortunate that after having the 1998 tuocha from teaclassico, that I quite liked, I can't seem to enjoy the rest of the teas I got from them - they seem strangely stored and have off tastes. Such as this 8582. I mean, I never got excited over a 8582, but this one is not only not that interesting, but it feels really strange. The aroma of rinsed leaves seems to be ok at one moment and is intimidating the other moment. The tea is not really rich, nor deep in its character - it's very clay-y and really really astringent (it leaves a smooth sandpaper feeling for minutes). I like a bit of earthiness in my puerh, but this tea does not feel right to me...

One thing can't be denied - the huigan is good though.