neděle 10. dubna 2011

2007 Chawangpu Yi Wu

I have to say I really do like it. There are many new "Yi Wu" teas produced, while some of them are not from Yi Wu at all. According to my current experience, this tea is definitely Yi Wu.

It is 2007 maocha pressed in 2010. I had maocha which aged awfully badly and maocha which aged very nicely. This tea belongs to the second group.

Some pictures:
Dry leaves (yummy):

The first brew:

The second brew (other brews were rather similar)

Wet leaves:

I had about 8 very fine brews from 7 grams (in 120 ml teapot). The tea broth was very thick, taste very Yi Wu-like, sweet, fruity, with long and pleasant aftertaste. It was never bitter or disharmonic. Very balanced tea. Cha qi quiet and harmonizing. There is really nothing wrong with this tea in my opinion.

I can only recommend this tea, the price is not overly low, but it is a great and I dare say authentic little beeng cha.

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