středa 31. srpna 2011

2009 Guang Zi Zai Zao Chun Nan Nuo

After a consideration, I decided to write about teas which I did not find interesting. After all, negative or neutral information is still an information. I hope you will excuse the lack of photos...

This tea is the first such tea I will write about. At the time of buying, I believe its cost was around $20 per 400g cake. That is not much I think. However, the tea bears little attraction to me...

It looks nice, smells ok (typical Nan Nuo). The tea broth is thick, clear, nicely colored (and the color suggests proper production process, it seems that it has not been artificially darkened). It has many not-so-pleasant (for me) taste tones typical of Nan Nuo. However, pleasant tastes I have found in certain Nan Nuo teas were not present. It is woody, a bit tobbaco-like, rather dry. Not much sweetness, not much hui gan, no fruit, not much flowers.

I do not think it is a bad tea, it's just not my cup of tea. It is still not expensive ($24), it has no immediately noticeable flaws and it is typical for the declared region. If you enjoy generic Nan Nuo, it may be a good candidate for everyday drinking.

It may be bought at Yunnan Sourcing.

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