středa 4. dubna 2012

1980s dry stored Xiaguan 8653 traditional characters

I don't think that this cake needs much introduction for those EoT-positive readers, as it looks very appealing at the Essence of tea website. Even though there are cheaper teas in the world, I decided to purchase a sample, as well as the non-dry stored version (which I'll drink and probably write about on Friday) with the purpose to enlighten myself a bit.

Although dry stored, there is some frosting (or it seems so) on the dry leaves:

Dry leaves give a rather ordinary aged aroma, but the realm of wet leaves is a whole another world! It is definitely the most complex aged tea I've tried so far. Apart from agedness, there is heavy dense fruitiness (overripe pears, wild briar?) and more things which affect my mind but I am unable to describe them.

The taste sticks to the agedness mostly, but again, is somehow more complex and more sweet than any of previously tasted aged teas. Even though the tea is dry stored (well, there are various degrees of dry storage), it is not bitter at all. In some aged teas, the taste is only complementary to the energy. In this tea, I enjoy the taste too.

The liquor is dark and very thick, feels great in mouth:

Although the tea is not young, it is still vibrant and energetic. It feels calming and harmonizing at the same time - when I drank it, I felt like bathing in a whirlwind of thick and friendly energy.

It is generally exceptionally clean, pure, coherent and powerful tea, much enjoyed.

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