středa 20. června 2012

1990s CNNP Red Mark

Although the study of computational complexity (the last exam of semester, at last) is definitely one of more pleasant things to do, one needs to take a break occasionally. Why not  to spend it with the Red Mark* from thechineseteashop? 
*) Now I may impress girls saying "Yeah baby, true story, I drank the Red Mark", but since you look so good, you may touch me.

I wondered how would "<2002 Hong Kong & 2002 > Canada" stored tea be like. Not that dark looking actually. And from what I have seen, containing unusual amount of tips (they look more obvious on the top of the cake which I forgot to take photo of - I can take the photo of it if any of you, dear readers, desires so).

Despite the occasional flecks of mold, the tea smells fresh, aged and nutty. By the way, I am not too experienced with molds in tea - is there a danger that these small flecks will spread around the cake and ruin it?

The aroma of wet leaves is quite lovely - sweet, nutty and with a bit of dried plums (yum!).

The first brew is almost too light to evaluate (it reflects the aroma well, but lacks depth). The 2nd and oncoming brews are much better. These are pictures of the 2nd and the 3rd one:

Although the clarity is not bad, it is not strikingly good either. Anyway, clarity is, in my opinion, generally an aesthetic thing and sort of hint, but nothing too determining.

The taste is quite full, aged (young-aged), when I push the tea a bit, there is a bit of bitterness, but not much. When no pushing is done, it is sweet, round and not bitter at all. The combination of agedness, nuts and dried plums is an excellent one.

I think that the thickness is high in general, but not high among aged (not dry-stored pre-2000). The mouthfeel is really nice - maybe not notably above-average strong among teas of 90s, but compared to, let's say 2004-6 teas, it is remarkable. 

The lovable taste of fresh plums in the long term aftertaste which I first met in the Qing Bing is here too, which gives a big bonus to the already mighty (given the price) performance of this tea.

The energy of this tea harmonizes with me - I can feel my body from another perspective, "in depth" - moving in a way which makes sense when I drink the tea, but the feeling disappears a while after. Although it is energizing inside, it sets my attitude to outside world to lazy and slow.

The stamina of this tea is pretty good. 

I do not see any faults in this tea (maybe a bit of funkiness in the aftertaste of the 1st brew, but nothing of such kind later), while it sports a good taste, good mouthfeel, good energy and good long-term aftertaste. This all comes for a very reasonable price.

Going back to polynomial hierarchy, I feel that this was a very good tea session.

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