neděle 22. července 2012

1970 Zhi Ye Loose leaf sheng

Shortly before my last order from EoT, Honza of Chawangshop asked me what I thought of the 1970s loose leaf tea. I had to admit that I did not try it. Why, asked Honza. I realized I had not a faintest idea why. Maybe my slight despect towards loose aged tea? Anyway, I corrected it in my second order from EoT.

The leaves are quite lovely, large and rusty. If Rammstein were to use tea in their performace, this one would fit their theme quite well.

The tea is really pleasant and "welcoming". It is very clean (yes, bedouins could call it wet stored...), nutty and aged. After the 30-40 years of aging, it is well harmonized and ellegant. The harmony is probably what I like the most about the taste. It is not as complex as pressed tea from the 80s (yet somewhat more complex than most teas from 90s I've had), also the main body of the taste is rather short compared to pressed aged tea. The thickness is also a bit lesser than I would fully enjoy. Nevertheless, the tea is not boring, thin or anything like that. I just want to make it clear that it is not really a 1:1 competition for good pressed aged tea. On the other hand, among loose aged tea, it is one of better pieces I think.

It gives an almost surprisingly nice feeling in the mouth which confirms that this is a good tea and it is not priced badly at all. The cooling feeling goes well with delicate, but long lasting aftertaste.

The leaves are very robust and hard, but due to their thickness not really fragile.

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