pondělí 10. prosince 2012

2001 Gu Puer 6FTM Bangwei

At last I'm back  and with another of the 6FTM series. The post is going to be short as I'm still in midst of organizing things and besides that, the tea is not as terribly complex as to lead to a longer post anyway.

It is quite in line with the rest of the set in means of color, looks and all that - nicely aged 2001 tea. 

It does taste very nice. It's not unlike the recently tasted Banna Gu Yun, except, of course, more aged. Medicinality, wood and clay dominate the taste and they are accompanied by light taste of honey.

Bitterness and astringency are still there, slightly annoying, but not nearly as the bitterness/sourness imparted to tea by overly dry storage so things could be worse.

I'm slightly surprised by lack of nicer mouthfeel and/or qi. The tea does taste rather nice, but is otherwise quite quiet.

Now, I thought I'd write about this tea long time ago. Then I did not, retasted it, thought I'd write, did not again, etc. Now I had to semi-force myself to write about it. I am not sure why, but the tea is probably too uninteresting to me to enjoy drinking/writing about it more. If I am to write about a tea, it has to be interesting in a way - one possibility of being interesting is when a tea is completely uninteresting (formally, it is a nonsense, of course, but I believe you follow me). However, this Bangwei is not bad, nor completely boring. It rather lies right between boring and interesting... 

When I had it for the first time, I thought that a lot of people would enjoy this the most from the set of 6 cakes and I still think it is possible. But the tea and me are in a sort of antiharmony and it does not give me as much "internally" as other teas do. The taste is good, but overal performance is not great.

In the k+3rd post (this being the kth), I'll have a look at the rest of the set. The teas may not be the world's best specimen, but they deserve a couple of lines too...

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