úterý 26. března 2013

2011 Bu Zhi Chun

From the last detour of the current detour, let's get back to the original one (this could be made into one of the Yo Dawg memes...).

Bu Zhi Chun, a yancha I never heard of. How unfortunate I was! I received it instead of the half-handmade Shui Xian which was not available. Along it was a note saying that if I don't like it, I can ask for a refund. I don't think so...

This one is darker than the previous yanchas from EoT, and to my liking I might add.

The dry leaves smell pleasantly of nuts and cocoa; the aroma is very elegant. Even a toilet grade Shui Xian can be often described as nuts and cocoa. Well, this Bu Zhi chun is better.

In the aroma of wet leaves, new tones appear and old tones change. I smell baked walnuts and baked chestnuts, along with a good deal of fire.

The taste is also very elegant, sweet, thick and balanced. It tastes mostly of baked chestnuts and walnuts, accompanied by pleasant spice. The "rocky" flavour is there, but it is not as notable as in the other young EoT yanchas I had. It's more "coated" in cocoa, I guess

I think that I prefer more roasted tea like this over the greener sort. While the Rou Guis were by no means bad, this spectrum of tastes feels more interesting to me.

Outside taste, the tea performs very well both in qi and in activity in mouth. I made a TGY in a tester along and while the spectrum of tastes was roughly similar, the TGY was much less active and much quieter. It was not exactly a low-grade TGY...

As I said earlier, I can sometimes feel a bit empty when drinking wulongs, but I do not when drinking good yancha. That's, I think, where the nontrivial price is rooted, not just the taste.

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