sobota 18. května 2013

2012 BHYJ Yiwu Wan Gong

I've never heard of Bao Hong Yin Ji before Origintea got to the world of internet and I was eager to taste his Wan Gong, as it was strongly recommended by the owner. Honestly, I haven't had a whole lot of pure Wan Gong either. As it is, like Guafengzhai, rather near Laos border, I had hopes it could be interesting.

The scent is that of a young Yiwu tea, no doubt. 

The aroma of rinsed leaves is rather interesting and above-average. It has both intensity and complexity, especially the latter is sometimes a bit lacking in single-origin Yiwu teas. It is also more characteristic than pure generic Yiwu, having more of cocoa/chocolatey tones.

The taste is good and strong and though not really like the one of GFZ, it is similar in being more forward than "thick sweet water" of some Yiwus. The taste tends to start with heavy floralness, good sweetnes, then taking a turn towards dark chocolate/cocoa sort of taste (I think this may become more pronounced in the future). As steepings go on, the floralness tends to change into fruitiness of a tropical sort (mango & pineapple?). It all feels to me like a dense, exotic wildwood from adventurous literature, with all the flowers and fruits growing.

A bit unfortunately for me, I lacked more pronounced cooling/activity and qi. I guess it could be autumnalness, if the tea is autumnal... 
Not that I would expect young teas to have terrific qi, but, e.g., Tea Urchin's Miles' birthday or HLH's crazy Yiwu have hit me a lot harder.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this tea as it is sweet, very easygoing and not as boring as some other teas of such age/locality. On the other hand, as it costs some $135, you probably have to be a fan of Yiwu to appreciate it. Otherwise, I'd say it is not that far from more ordinary and more generic Yiwu teas.

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  1. I have not tried the wan gong yet. But I really enjoyed the yisanmo. What did you think of it.


  2. Personally, find the Yisanmo to have much more to offer than the Wang Gong...

  3. Hi,
    unfortunately, I do not have the Yisanmo so I can not compare...

  4. Never had the Wangong, but I find the yishanmo to be quite boring and uninteresting.