úterý 27. ledna 2015

2002 Little yellow mark (White2tea)

What is this LYM? Little yellow mark or Little yellow miracle - both are equally valid I'd say.

This is one of the teas you can't really fault. First, it is fairly thick and sweet, in a very "well defined" fashion (imagine the sound reproduction of double bass - it can be either all-over-the-place-boom, or a well focused, if bassy, sound - the sweetness is like the latter in the LYM). At the same time, there is a lot of taste: gentle, but clear. I taste wood (a hint of sourness in it), camphor, but also garden fruit and meadow flowers. It has got a very balanced, smooth, and elegant character indeed. It feels fairly northern to me, perhaps there's a good deal of leaves from Mengku?

Some teas hit hard with a single trait; this LYM takes a different approach, providing many subtler traits that are superbly added together, producing one of the most pleasing teas I had recently. Looking at prices of teas over the internet (ugh!), I find it quite underpriced at $149.

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